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DaiSeiKai Air Conditioner

Designed to match your lifestyle


The Ingenious Plasma Ion Purifier System: A complete filtration system that deodorises the air & provides a pure & healthy environment. It works using a Plasma Ion Charger that helps ensure that you enjoy the best possible IAQ.

With a just a touch of the PURE button, unveil an experience beyond compare.

Toshiba VRF Top Discharge SMMS -7

At Toshiba we realize that the urban landscape is changing. That’s why we created the SMMS7 – a tailored cooling solution that provides optimum air-conditioning without cutting corners. While being environment friendly, it also takes your area of application into consideration, delivering ultimate efficiency for your building. Powered by the 7 senses of Smartness that give 7 exceptional benefits, it’s the VRF system built just for you.


Higher Energy Efficiency

Enhanced efficiency at full load and part load 26% higher efficiency at 50% load with EER as high as 7.2.

Environmentally Oriented

HFC-410 A Refrigerant Over 20% reduction in refrigerant quantity.

Space Saving and Light Weight

Footprint reduced by upto 24%. 88 KG reduction in weight.

Wider Ambient Operation

Operates at upto 52ºC ambient temperature.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

NFC wave tool function for installation and troubleshooting simplified refrigerant circuit.

Design Flexibility

200% diversity. Total piping length of 100 M.

High Reliability

Diamond like carbon coated 2 stage vane, lesser friction and longer life. Small animal protection.

Toshiba 3 Star R32 AC

The new Toshiba inverter air-conditioner has an advanced technology that is ideal for today’s lifestyle as well as for future. The modern design gives fresh air that betters the quality of life, is energy efficient and easier to control with just one touch. An advanced technology that you can breathe, touch and experience.

Available in : 1, 1.5 and 1.8 ton

ToshibaOur products comply with RoHS Regulations, ensuring no restricted substances in each of the components.

ToshibaWith the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

ToshibaThe R32 refrigerant helps in reducing harm to the ozone layer, contributing to a sustainable future and thereby reducing global warming.

Toshiba Cassette Stable Power Inverter

RAV-SE1251UP+RAV-TE1251AP, 12.7 kw (3.6 TR)

SPI is an energy saving airconditioner for light commercial use that was designed to meet our customer needs. SPI is able to reduce the refrigerant volume and achieve a high energy efficiency ratio (EER).Due to its compact size, the unit can be installed in small shops.


High Efficiency

SPI gives you high cooling performance with low power consumption. SPI is equipped with an inverter compressor and achieves a high part-load EER value.


Light weight and compact indoor unit facilitating easy installation

SPI employs a newly developed outdoor unit, and weighs only 48 Kg. Light-weight, compact, and easy to carry and install


Steady operation

maintains stable operation under higher power supply. (4 and 5 HP SPI)


Self-Clean Operation

The mechanism of the wash-off


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